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Is your firm Proactive?

In proactive firms, your future leaders’ thirst to understand and learn strategies that provide immediate and long-term benefits to your clients. A career completing data entry for clients and mechanical preparation of workpapers isn’t what they signed up for and can be delegated to others. Our Workflow Portal makes available offshore contractors who supply back-office labour support to take direction from your team, so your team can direct, review and behave just as they set out to do – to learn strategies and consult to your clients!
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Why waste money! 

Back Office labour is cost-effective if you have the right team. But it makes no sense in most cases to devote precious resources internally to seek out an offshore provider and set a process to train staff to deliver what you need. It’s also counterintuitive to lease a seat offshore and then fly overseas, train staff on processes, software applications and Australian tax law. The time and cost to do this is enormous. Our portal allows you to access back-office labour support who are ready to take your instructions. No wasted time or money. Now you can focus on caring for your clients.
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All businesses need CAPACITY in order to grow! Using Back-Office resources to assist you prepare your Financial Statements will help scale your business quickly and efficiently. You can focus on refining your core offering, developing new services, train your staff in consulting tasks, develop and devote energy to marketing strategies, and explore acquisition targets and expand your overall client base! With downward pressure on compliance fees, the need to explore new revenue streams and to develop digital marketing strategies for growth are more important than ever.


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We are currently the largest privately owned SMSF Auditor in Australia and have a massive team that can handle all the needs of your business!

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One of reasons so many firms have chosen us is because we're actually invested in in the growth of their business, because when you grow - we grow!

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We are the proud winners of the 2019 SMSF Adviser Awards and pride our business on delivering an exceptional quality service!


They relieve some stress and resources that we need all year round with their exceptional service and professionalism. We are grateful for their audit knowledge and support, are happy to answer any audit queries and have an immense technical knowledge we can rely on.

- Sam Rotberg
Alexander Spencer